Wondering why to choose Mentoring? Honestly, sometimes our biggest hurdle can be acknowledging that we would benefit from mentoring, to create that trust to a professional to discuss issues such as perhaps: a vague feeling that “something is amiss”, perhaps a job loss, family issues, relationship breakdown, a bereavement, exam stress, changes in children’s behaviours, disliking our work environment, a new job, depression, illness, or perhaps a loved one is in distress.

“Non directive and co creational”.  I work on the basis that as unique individuals “we are powerful beyond measure.  By affirming the sacredness and unconditional worth of each person we each respond in many creative ways to protect ourselves against possibly threatening events and behaviours.  I believe with that love and compassionate listening, in an unconditional, non judgemental holding that safety can be creted in order to support a developing understanding of each unique behaviour, to bring to consciousness what lies hidden: our true self.

There are endless possibilities


Fiona Finn Mentoring IARM