Parent Mentoring “live” on Dublin’s airwaves

Fiona Finn chatting about Parent MentoringCharity Radio

Fiona Finn, guest Appearance : Topic Parent Mentoring.   Fiona chatting about her unique Story, her amazing approach to Mentoring and info on how to contact Fiona to make an appointment or join a course or workshop.

Parent Mentoring “live” on Dublin’s airwaves.

“Guest Fiona Finn, Parent Mentor on Mindful Monday’s” : I thoroughly enjoyed myself “live on air” in Dublin last week.

I had forgotten just how much I enjoy being “on air”.  Hard to believe my love for presenting all started on Flirt FM, over 18 years ago.  Though I had enjoyed debating and thrived at public speaking during Secondary School, it was in Galway that my love for Radio presenting emerged. Initially I was invited a guest on the newly founded Radio, but soon became a presenter on Galway’s Flirt FM. Last week I was invited as a guest on Dublin’s Charity Radio and the Pod cast will be posted here as soon as I have it. Mary K Anderson presents Mindful Mondays and was interested to find out about Mentoring, Parent Mentoring and the support available by mentoring in a non directional, co creational manner.Mary was very interested to hear my story and how the opportunities and challenges of raising 6 children enhance my Mentoring.  I explained that relationship is the cornerstone and that my relationship with myself is critical to how I relate to others.  I am no “Supernanny” and do not have a set list of “do’s and don’ts”.  I believe that each one of us is an expert on ourselves and our children.  We have the perfect solution ourselves, sometimes its about reconnecting with ourselves to hear our solutions, realise how amazinly phenomenal we are in our appraoch and responses.  I thoroughly believe that our behaviours and actions always makes sense and illustrate how life is for each of us.  If you  would like details on my upcoming courses, workshops, have a question or would like a session please contact me via phone or message.

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