One with One Mentoring

One to One Mentoring

Be yourself be unique, be yourself: Mentoring

Why One With One Mentoring?

Everyone comes to a point in their lives where there is an unease: Let’s book a Session with Fiona Finn.

Sometimes it is a health issue, or perhaps related to occupations, family relationships, relationship breakdown, stresses of work life balance, death of a loved one, addictions, misscarriage, financial worries,  inability to conceive, bullying behaviour, coping with children, remembering childhood trauma, suicide, moving house.

Perhaps you are being affected by another’s behaviours, felt experiences, addictions, health issues, financial worries.

We all experience life as a unique felt experience, for some a seemilgly minor event may trigger emotions from events well in the past.  For others it is too painful to acknowledge the present events or the past hurts.

Importantly, no matter what, Mentoring provides an opportunity to look at situations, behaviours, hurts and emerge.

Throughout each One with One Mentoring session a caring co creational holidng is created and strengthen.  The outcomes from which are limitless.