Group workshops

Fiona Finn Family Relationships

Group Workshops with Fiona Finn Parent Mentor.

Contact me at if you would like to arrange a Group Workshop or talk with you.

Topics for Group workshops are varied.  While Realising my Potential might be popular at the beginning of School term, or around exam time , it may also be an ongoing topic as Relationships, Self Care, or Teens, sometimes wild always wild. Maybe you have a topic in mind ? Please consider requesting a Group Workshop of your choice and we can see what is possible!!!!

Popular Group Workshops cover topics such as

Self Care,





Challenging Behaviours,

Helping children become Response – able,

The Teenage years,

An exploration of our sexual self expression,

How do I realise my Potential.

This is a small selection of the topics from around which a Group workshop or Talk may be developed. This is the link to the Courses available, from which you might see a relevant topic.

Please contact me for details of upcoming workshops or perhaps you would like to discuss a topic that would interest you?