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Fiona Finn Le Grá Mentoring Practice FionaFiona Finn, Parent Mentor lives in the West of Ireland.  She works as a Qualified Parent Mentor throughout Galway, Clare and Limerick.  With 6 amazing children she knows the amazing joys, challenges and opportunities present in family life.  Our behaviours and our children’s all make sense.  All have a meaning and uniquely reveal how life is being experienced. According to Fiona Parenting involves the emergence of Behaviours, Socially, Physically, Intellectually, Creatively, Emotionally, Sexually and Spiritually. There’s no handbook for each of our relationships and knowing ourselves is vital to our emergence.

Originally from Dublin’s Liberties, Fiona Finn left Presentation College Warrenmount, in Dublin’s inner City to attend University in Galway.  In 1996 Fiona completed her BA in Legal Studies with Sociology  and Politics. While working fulltime by day in Galway’s Roches Stores and Easons,  Fiona continued her studies at night and following the birth of her daughter, graduated from NUIG with an LLB .  Fiona developed a keen interest in current affairs and politic, throughout her studies and presenting a radio show for FLIRT FM.  Fiona continued with her interest in the legal system and commenced her Apprenticeship Indentures in 1998 with Dublin Solicitors Maxwell, Weldon and Darley Solicitors (Now Maxwells).  Qualifying as a solicitor, while working with Reidy Stafford Solicitors in Newbridge, Fiona continued to work mainly in Conveyancing. During that time Fiona Finn Tutored Trainee Solicitors in the Law Society of Ireland on topics such as the Family Home for many years.    However her desire to work with families took her from Private Practice to work in the Public service in mainly Family Law, Childcare, Child Abduction and Domestic Violence cases.  As a fulltime Professional mum of 6, despite the rewards the challenging work brought in 2010 Fiona made a heart felt decision to retire from legal arena and focus on self development and family life.  Fiona excelled and graduated from UCC’s Diploma in Parent Mentoring  with a First Class and continues to bring the her authentic self and broad ranging skillset into her daily interactions with friends, clients and family alike.

Fiona’s compassion for herself and others is refreshing.  Fiona has developed her unique co creational approach with compassion and has to be experienced to be fully understood.  Fiona Offers a safe environemnt to explore issues, from Relationship breakdown, Parent Child issues, crises in the classroom for teachers, strife in the workplace, Fiona Finn offers a loving listening ear as a qualified Parent Mentor and member of IARM.  Relationship with self is key and Fiona offers an amazing opportunity, with loving empathy, to ground relationships always.  Take the opportunity to develop and emerge .

We can thrive.

Be creative.  Develop your authentic space for yourself.  Embark on an amazing inward journey and Emerge.

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In truly loving ourselves Fiona believes that we excel and blossom along side our children, our loved ones, our students, our colleagues, Le Grá.

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